October 20, 2019

Did you miss the Becoming More Workshop?

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 October 20th, 2019 You can now access the workshop webinar replay!

Elite Workshop 12:00-3:00pm

 Open  Forum Business and Life Q & A 3:00 -4:00 PM

Gain the Courage and Clarity to Become More


And it’s perfectly okay!



Step into New levels of Freedom In Your Life and Business as Tanya Walks you through her Growth Funnel TM exercise allowing you to assess the steps between where you are and where you truly desire to be.


Have you ever felt like… is this what the rest of my business and life is going to look like?

Ever felt something on the inside that says there’s more? A constant pull to do it differently!  That pull doesn’t mean you haven’t accomplished things,  it often just means there is more for you!

It’s often a call to step into a higher version of yourself.

It’s usually a call to do your business differently… and life.

So often women evolve from who they use to be but struggle to give themselves permission to do life differently.

This workshop is designed to help you step fully into the MORE you desire.

 This workshop is for Women in Business Who want More…

in every area of their life!

‘With all that life has shown you know there is more for you, but stepping into that can often be challenging!’

In this workshop:

Tanya will teach you 3 principals keys to embracing change and stepping into Greater spaces of More! They will include tools to help

  • Adopt an Abundance mindset
  • Break unwanted Cycles
  • Stepping into a Space of Expansion

It is how she continues to evolves  and grows in  her life and career,

From dropping out of college stepping into entrepreneurship for the past 26 years, to owning a brick and mortar service-based business leading a full staff of over twelve people for over 10 years, to Commencement Speaker for The graduating Class of a College, Teaching entrepreneurship for the Chamber fo Commerce   S.E.E.D.  Grant Program,  Workshops for Corporate entities, Leadership Conferences, Church and Clergy organizations,  to Coaching and Mentoring other ambitious women in business.

As she evolved and felt the pull to greater she embraced it.

However, one of her biggest transitions was out of necessity, which turned out to be a call to greater, a call to become more!

She took the time to document her steps and turn them into training and tools she uses with her clients over the years, providing them with results-driven tools to evolve, grow, change career directions, and profit more in their life and business.


This may not be your exact path, but the tools and keys shes created are designed to give you foundational keys and strategies to step into your own MORE.

Tanya will share how, despite a dysfunctional marriage and unhealthy relationships she used these tools to continue stepping into higher Version of herself in her Life and Business!

Outside of the three principal keys she’ll be teaching in the workshop, her Growth FunnelTM exercise will bring awareness and strategy for truly stepping into the more you deserve and desire in your business and life.


You’ll leave with what you need to get into alignment with the highest version of yourself and experience new in your life and business!

Tanya’s Workshops and Retreats range anywhere from $1000-$3000+ dollars.

At least once per year she provides an elite workshop of extreme value at an exceptional price range.

The Becoming More Workshop investment is that opportunity for 2019.

You can be in attendance for this workshop for only $97.

Guess what? If you reserve your space within the first 72 hours, you only pay $57              This   “early op” ends at midnight  August 29th.   


You can access the replay for only $47 for the next 72 hours

Please Note:  The replay will be sent to your email within 24 hours. This price will increase to $97 within 72 hours


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