wpid-Double-alaskan-rainbow.jpegI never see people with a financial problem, a job problem, or a marriage/relationship problem. I understand that  the greatest problem in the world is centered around thinking!

As soon as you wake in the morning you begin to plan out your day whether it’s on paper or in your mind. Actually, before you ever get the pen and paper, the first step is in your mind.

Every action that you take is just a series of thoughts  made prior to the action you took.

Your successful living will come from your successful thinking.

No two people think exactly the same. We all process information differently which gives us our unique being. However, we can all think positive. We can all have a healthy thought life.

Your past: a series of thoughts you had before those events occured, stimulated by your environment and experiences that triggered that thought life.

Take a quick moment to reflect , determine what type of thinking you are doing in your own thought life. Successful moments are a series of successful thoughts. Your  exposure shapes your thinking. We are humanly wired to absorb the things that are around them. You have enormous power. Your environment might not be conducive to a positive life; you can redirect your thinking, and come out. . God has given you a unique ability to step outside of what is transpiring around you and redirect your thinking to greater.

Your thoughts will shape your heart. Your heart is where your passion truly lies. When you care about people or things,  even if they are not deserving of your kindness, you can redirect your thinking to produce good thoughts about them and change your heart to a heart of compassion. That heart will push  you to elevate them to higher ground. Your thinking can change the world. Your thinking can change atmospheres. Your thinking can change your life!
If financial struggles occur in your life , instead of drowning in your thoughts of failure,  redirect your thinking into creative ways and solutions to change your financial situation. Create something! Think your way out!
Right thinking will help you decide what’s important, what to focus on, and what to spend your energy on.

You can think thoughts of quitting, failure, it’s not going to work, it’s never going to happen… and you will take actions towards those thoughts. Or, you can take the same situation and say “What can I do differently? There is another way to work this out. What other resources can I use to make this work? This is valuable,  I can  prosper if I do …?

The way you think determines your destiny. You can think your way to success.
Your life, right now, is simply a series of thoughts you’ve had that led to your action plan.  If you desire to change, you really can. It is possible. I see greater. THINK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! THINK YOUR WAY TO GREATER!

From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry,
Consultant to stars like you and every day people walking out this jewel called LIFE!tan3

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