People who have obtained significant success have learned a few things along the way. They have not always gotten it right, they’ve failed at some of their attempts, and even lost along the way. Yes,  believe it or not, success  comes with a  few losses and triumph. So what on earth are successful people doing to keep going in disappointing or uncertain times ?

There are a few common threads that mirror in the life of those who have obtained great success.
Here are a few ways successful people stay strong and overcome, continuing on to meet huge amounts of success in their life, despite adversity or challenges.

~Successful people understand that not trying will only keep them in the very place they are  in, or in some cases, worst.
*You must move past fears and emotional upsets when challenging situations arrive in your life. Your faith will be your resource to move forward.

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~They continually grow in the art of forgiveness. They understand how important it is to be okay with THEMSELVES when they have fallen short of a goal or task. They forgive themselves and others when disappointed, overlooked, or rejected. They know that the valley of unforgiveness will keep them downtrodden and unable to push forward to new heights and destinations. They understand that wrongful acts, words and decisions they have made do not decide the future of their success. Successful people know there lessons learned are valuable and actually preparation for their journey.
*Learn the art of forgiveness

~They understand how important relationships are for their journey. An awareness of how and who they are in relation with, has a huge impact on the consistency and flow of their journey. Successful people have learned that who they are next to is a direct correlation of where they are going. “Kinda like a map”. Being around other focused, determined, supportive and positive people is at the top of their list.
*Who you are next to affects your thinking and how you see yourself.Learn to love yourself. It will change who and how you relate to others.

~Those who are successful recognize  seasons and change and are able to adapt. They understand that nothing stays the same if it is going to grow and they have master the art of relevance(what’s most important) and the need for change.
*Be willing to be the change agent in your situation. Don’t wait on others to decide the quality of your life and situation. Be willing to change.

~They understand that even idleness has a cause and effect. They know that what they put into a thing will hugely effect the outcome, and that every choice they make will eventually bring about a result. They are purpose driven in even some of the seemingly simple acts in their life.
*Let what you do have purpose. Be purpose driven

~ Successful people have a vision, goal, and purpose for almost every action they take. They are strategic thinkers that have balanced planning and instinct. Reflection is a lifestyle in the lives of the successful.
*Thinking, planning and preparation are your friends.

~They understand that  TRUE success in any area will always include someone other than themselves.
*What you need, the most peaceful fulfilling journey is found in what you do for others.
From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry,
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life.

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  1. Great minds think a lot, and alike. I never knew my niece was so heavy mentally. She definetlyhas the intellect to lead some of the best above the best. Sharp, witty in her own entreprenership lofty crafty wisdom. God granted her the knowledge to lead, and the wisdom to know the different. Be bless Tanya…….forever plus ten years added on………Her uncle Thurman in Irvington, New Jersey Brothers, she’s married, soooo stand in a looooooong line!!!

    • Thank you for the great compliments. I am grateful for my growth and love sharing my experiences and what they have taught me. God bless Uncle Thurman. Thanks for taking the time to connect and view my writing!
      Love Tanya

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