Single often gets a bad wrap. But single is such a precious time. It’s a time to become whole. A time to love on yourself and pamper yourself! A time to get to know YOU.  If you are single, embrace it! Enjoy it. It is your opportunity to make decisions. set standards and become the best version of YOU. A time to find out what you love!


Being in a relationships requires responsibility to someone other than yourself. That’s if you want to be an asset to the relationship. It is so much easier to give from a place of wholeness instead of a depleted, hurt or broken self. Singleness is not a place to look at with regret. But a place to embrace and appreciate. The foundation for how you receive and respond in relationships forms during your singleness! It is your most valuable time.


If you have been in bad relationships, take time to heal. We take who we are into our relationships. It shows up at work, home and in our social life. Our fears, and insecurities don’t pack up and leave when we end relationships, they come right a long side us, unless we have healed . Dedicate your time of singleness to learning to love yourself, really learn to be okay with who you are. Singleness is a time to experience wholeness.


If you are single, smile 🙂 , you are in a great place! Travel, learn, grow, pamper yourself, decide what you like and how you want to be treated, meet new people, experience new things. Enjoy your singleness. Get to know you! You will attract a like spouse when choosing a mate.  If you have healed or grown to a place of wholeness, the transition to become one with someone else will be easier. It takes two whole people to become one.  Become the best version of you!

 Who we meet will often mirror our insecurities or confidence.

Singleness is not a curse. It is a blessing. Embrace singleness for that!

Singleness is your opportunity for wholeness.


From My Experience To Yours, Tanya

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