3 D Success-Mentorship/Branding

Begins March 5, 2018 – 

Enrollment closes on March 12th!




Which is one of the most impactful transformations of 3D Success Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp, will give you the soundboard to do that! 





This 12-week Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp is “The Help!”

A mentor-ship soundboard for the stylist and salon owner who wants to learn from someone one who has already gone the mile!

Salon Industry Professionals who want sustainable success in an industry with infinite possibilities from results-driven knowledge!

This is for Hairstylist and Salon Owner :

  • Who are serious about taking their salon or hair stylists career to the next level.
  • Who wants to intentionally Brand so they can stop competing in the sea of confusion with other hairstylist and salons and create their own lane that attracts their perfect people
  • Who want  to learn local and online marketing strategies to grow their business
  • Who knows there is next level in their processes and are willing to learn great skills, techniques, and strategies for building their business and their brand.
  • Who want to create more freedom(financial and time freedom)

Client Success Story

Angie -Salon Empyre 


Before the 3D Sucess Mentorship Class, I was stuck on what was my next move and WHEN?  I was at a place where I was desiring to expand my business but felt overwhelmed with the thought of everything that comes with owning a salon. In attending this boot camp every Monday night Tanya helped us dig a little deeper, with homework assignments that touched on not only business but physically,   spiritually & mentally.  She made things a lot simpler with teaching how to create systems and effective marketing strategies.  How to get organized and simply choose a day, an hour or a few minutes daily to GET THINGS DONE! 

I’m at a place now, I’m focused on  in setting  deadline’s and fully completing task before taking on another. The highlight, of the class is she holds you accountable for you- unfinished business(homework)  & that itself makes you recognize any issues that stopping your next level. In the words of Tanya, “guys.. you either want it  or you dont” and  Your actions on a daily will answer that for you.

I really appreciate Tanya for all her help and support in this season of my career. 

  This  12-week Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp will: ~

  • Help you define destiny, get clear on your dreams and goals and give you sound direction in the Beauty Industry.
  • You will gain clarity and direction for developing your brand and positioning yourself to prosper.
  • You will learn how to market yourself to attract your ideal customers for your business
  • You will be taught advanced knowledge to improve your skill set capable of adding 1,000’s of dollars annually to your bottom line in our BONUS LOOK AND LEARN SESSIONS WITH GUEST EXPERTS
  • You’ll learn leadership skills that will allow you to deliver your skill set, product,  or service in a way that will attract your ideal customer instead of chasing them

Every entrepreneur needs refining leadership skills in order to accommodate today’s consumer needs and demands.

3D Success Mentorship and Branding will offer you a fresh perspective and relevant strategies to profit in today’s marketplace in the Salon Industry!




Meet the Instructor- Tanya Wilson-Cherry

I remember starting out in my career, all I could see was getting behind the chair.  I often think about how long I sat on that one view of what was possible for my life and career. There are definitely many components to obtaining success. If no one ever tells you, you can spend years feeling stuck in one position, missing so many opportunities to grow and make even more money and create the life you truly desire.  You can even become complacent in what’s really not working…

True Success is not just one dimension. It actually involves several different components! Today’s hair stylists and salon owners have to be well rounded. Long gone are the days that your skill set alone will get you to the finish line. Your ability to be a great leader, manage your money, display discipline, understand business, focus on the right things, and make great decisions will all be needed to truly obtain success.

Many stylists of today are stuck or moving slower than necessary because they are missing a crucial link that most successful people will admit to being a crucial factor in their success, mentorship. This dates back to the beauty industry as far as the first female millionairess, Madame C.J Walker. Well, let’s go a little further back n history to her mentor, Alice Malone, who was actually the first recorded female millionairess who Madame C.J. Walker trained and mentored under before stepping out on her own! Google these two prominent figures in the beauty industry. Much of the way was paved for many successful stylists and salon owners from their mentor/mentee relationship.

You’ll get to experience her is one of our

“Look & Learn Segments”

3D Success includes a segment where she teaches about Discovery. This isn’t just for the new stylist, but even the stylist who’s been in the industry for quite some time, but need a new direction to remain relevant and continue prospering in the Salon Industry!

My mentor (Carolyn Marshall-Covington)  has been apart of my journey for over 22 years.  She too had mentors. Actually, her mentors were from the last graduating class of the Madam CJ Walker School.

I just recently found this out. The relationship is one where we both are forever learning! She and I have both express how rewarding it is for us both. We each are vested in each others success. It’s like reading your favorite book over and over again and always getting something new!


3D Success includes a segment where she teaches about Discovery. This isn’t just for the new stylist, but even the stylist who’s been in the industry for quite some time, but need a new direction on where to head after so many years!


Client Sucess Story

This was phenomenal! I’ve invested SO much into educating myself in this industry the past 2 years & this has to one of my top best ROI – already. Thank you  WOG for your obedience!!!!! Love you forever!😘😘😘      ~Raytillia Baylam-“Radiance by Raytillia Salon & Mini-spa”


    • 30 min  1 TO 1 Private BUSINESS ASSESSMENT( Must register 2 Weeks Prior to Course start date to receive this bonus)before course(Must be signed up before February 19th to receive this Bonus to allow time to schedule before course starts)
    • LOOK AND LEARN SESSIONS WITH  3 GUEST EXPERTS(downloadable for you to keep)
    • Downloadable Budgeting and Financial Freedom 101 Course
    • PDF downloads
    • Workbook


Week 1  Vision/Clarity

Determine Your Desired Path That will help you focus and have clarity and direction for your career, What do you truly desire for your Salon Career?

Week 2 Discovery

Find Out Who you are as professional and gain a soundboard for how to best utilize your gifts in your Business/Career!

Also Special Guest Expert Session Carolyn Marshall Covington: 

Click Here to learn more about her value)

Week 3- Clearing the Clutter

This week will be dedicated to applicable steps you can take to organize time to implement steps in your Vision for your hairstylist career or salon business


~Learn to streamline your business so that it is cost-efficient and cost-effective.

Week 4 &5 Branding

  • Identifying who you are as a brand
  • Learn best practices that align with your brand to attract your ideal customers into your business! 

One time payment only $997

3D Success1 time Offer 2018

Installment Option

  • $297 Saves your Seat
  • Your Next payment of $297 in 30 days
  • Recurring payments of $55 begin 30 days after for 9 weeks


3D Success installments

Client Success Story

 Sojurna Worthy – Twisted Sistah, & So Worthy Products








Week 6, & 7 Begins Our Dollar Segment

We will Discuss MONEY$

How to make it & Profit in your Business

Downloads and Pdf’s will be available 

  • Create  Opportunities for increased income through Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Learn How to maximize your efforts, and optimize your hair stylist career and salon business so you will multiply your results for larger profits faster)

  • How to price your Services so you can profit

  • Identify other streams of income within your brand … & More

Bonus: Special Downloadable Budgeting Course To Save Money and increase your Financial Worth

~Look and learn skill set sessions with downloadable information)

 Expert Guests: Look and Learn 


This will be an invaluable segment of your ability to up-level who you are as an expert!

 Look and Learn Segment Cutting With Mrs. Rhonda Mofitt 

Click above to learn more about her value!

Don’t just do a haircut without understanding the fundamentals of the cut. Learn the strongest form of the cut– The basic Foundation. Foundation is everything. Enjoy a look an learn segment as Mrs. Rhonda teaches you her expertise!



Week  8 Involves  Discipline and Decisions

Making Wise Decisions and Discipline

Focus Techniques so you can accomplish your goals and reach

new levels of in your stylists and salon career in your business.


Weeks 9 &10 Marketing

GO LIVE Vidoe Live Stream, Social Media, and Marketing Strategies to grow you hairstylist Career and Salon Business to attract more clients and get butts in seats!

 Week 11& !2 Break Out Strategy Sessions

Developing Strategies to implement what you have learned for the next 12 months!


Please Stop Here. You Must Register first! It will send you to another tab. Then click back to save your seat. Thank you! I can’t wait to help you in your career.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for us both!

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All registration fees are non-refundable!
However, if you can show that you’ve implemented the work and strategies and have not received results we will work with an extended time separately.



3D Success1 time Offer 2018

Installment Options:

  • $297 saves your seat
  • Your next payment of $297 in 30 days
  • Then 30 days later, recurring payments of $55.00 for 9 weeks

    3D Success installments

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