How many times have you skipped the consultation process and moved forward with a simple “How are you and how may I help you”, then on to servicing a new customer? Each time you do you are losing money.
The consultation process is an advantage point for any service provider. It is an open door to better serve your customer and increase your profits. A seasoned or knowledgeable service provider may find it easy to assume that a request for a service is  simple math.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to consult with your customer. It’s a chance to get to know the person who just walked in your door or just signed up for your service.

Other than your industry specific questions during a consultation :
E.g. Hairstylist will want to know of anything the customer is allergic to, previous chemical service dates and products (it’s important to keep records), as well as products used at home.

Here are 3 simple but significant marketing tips to add to your consultation forms to take your initial consultation to new levels for your customer and your business:
*What is your Name, address, phone number, and email address (This is beneficial with today’s online usage by consumers) The above information is your means of contacting your client after they leave your facility, class, or website. You can use their general contact information to keep them informed of new services and promotions through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly   newsletters.  You now have information to add another service to your business by confirming their future scheduled appointments with you in advance.
*Ask them what is the best way they prefer being contacted.

Consistently connecting with your clients and forming a relationship with them increases your chances of doing business.

In my salon we used the contact information to send a personal thank you card, through the mail, to all of our new customers a few days following their visit.

* this an added detail

*What are your hobbies ? (what they enjoy) This will make for great conversation for you and help you to add value to their life with information you may have about the things they enjoy (building relationship)

When people feel connected to you, they trust spending their hard-earned money with you.

*What is your birthday?  (☆★month/day☆★)
You may not want to ask the year 🙂 not everyone is comfortable with disclosing that information!
Use birthday information to send out birthday specials / offers/ and sample products  to let them know you appreciate them during their special time of the year. Find things that are important to them and make it important to you. ” This serves the customer and adds value to your service.”

My staff sent birthday cards in the mail (direct-mail marketing) to our customers each month and offered them a special discount during the month of their birthday. It was our gift to them and our way of celebrating their birthday.  This also helps with customers you may not have seen in a while.

These are a few simple ways to effectively use your consultation process.

A consultation is an opportunity to learn how you can better serve the needs of your customer the day of the service and in the future!

Take a few extra minutes to consult with your customer. It’s an investment!

From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called LIFE!

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