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I could share all of my business experiences and tips, and all the ways to think yourself to greatness that are tried and true, but today,  I must talk about something that affects everything you do. Your marriage! If your marriage is off, none of the other stuff will seem to make much difference.

If I don’t share this heart-felt message with you, I am going to explode!

All of your pursuit for success will be gravely affected by the quality of your marriage. If your marriage is off, chances are everything you pursuit will be that much harder. This is not to say you must stop pursuing your dreams, but you must work just as hard at having a sound marriage as you do to have a great financial, public and business  life. Yes, you can buy nice things and pay for happy moments, but in the end, it means nothing when your marriage is on the rocks. It will mean more, and feel better, if your house is in order too.

There’s a war going on in the world that’s destroying the institution of marriage. It’s definition has been distorted and twisted and the true purpose of marriage is misunderstood and taken for granted. People are loosely saying “I do” and  loosely saying “I don’t anymore”.
Marriage is being consumed by  a lack of understanding, endeavors, selfish fantasies, and an unwillingness to be responsible for what was agreed upon in the beginning. Most don’t know the full of the covenant agreement anyway.

I ________ take _______ to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife, for better or for worse, until death do us part. Yet people divorce everyday because they couldn’t have everything their way and were unwilling to change.

Many obstacles faced in marriage are really opportunities to grow up and change, learn to serve, and recognize the true love of CHrist. Many get it wrong because of EGOS, PRIDE, and SELFISHNESS! Marriage has become something people do haphazardly. Children and families are suffering while the world tinkers around with marriage.

My heart cries out when I see or hear of families being split. There is so much pain behind divorce. People sometimes wear the pain from divorce for the rest of their entire lives. Marriages are put on the back burner, while people still attempt to live their single lives while married. This is nothing new. It’s being passed down from generation to generation. Many have not had the best examples. I feel the only way to truly understand, is to find out what the creator of marriage has to say about it, God, our father which art in Heaven.

Many are miserable and sad from their attempts to do all that they know, with no avail, because they are attempting to do marriage their way. I know! I did, until  spending a lot of time with God, during a 2.5 year separation from my husband,  lead to my husband moving back home and the restoration process of our marriage. A time where God lead me to answers and instructions about his idea, plan and purpose for marriage. That time of separation was profound for me and changed the way I would view life FOREVER! It breaks my heart each time I hear of a marriage that’s in trouble.

People are lost and hurting.

When your marriage is off,  it can lead to depression and loss of focus. When your marriage is off, there is a good chance everything else is too.

Divorce has become so accepted that people enter into marriage with the idea that if it doesn’t work, I’ll just get a divorce and find someone else. Many stay in non-fulfilling marriages for public sake and are dying on the inside. My take, “if you are going to struggle and stay, make every effort to get it right in the process”. God has a designed plan for marriage that works when we surrender, completely surrender, to the process. It takes two to make a marriage work, God and YOU. He just needs one willing vessel to begin marriage restoration, God’s way.

I would love to pray for you and add you to my prayer list of  others  I have consulted with and helped to restore their marriage. (email me your name and your spouses name and simply put marriage as the subject ( I will add you to my prayer list!)

If you are struggling in your marriage, seek Godly counsel for advise. Be sure to stay away from unhappy people who haven’t had the best shot at marriage. They usually don’t mean any arm, but tend to speak from their experience, which isn’t always the TRUTH.  Spend your time reading about marriage restoration testimonies. God has a plan for marriages. There is no marriage that he can’t restore!  God has  an order for our lives. Him first, then our spouse, then our children… then everything else. Sometimes, simply prioritizing your life can make the biggest difference in your marriage. I stand for marriage and God does too. After all… he created it! #GODISFORMARRIAGE

*If there is abuse in your marriage, God has not called you to put yourself in harm’s way. SEEK help fast.”

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From My Experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people… walking out this thing called LIFE!

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