photo_23044_20130119Stop running around, exhausted and unprepared in your business. Stop leaving room for disappointments in your business endeavors. You lose customers and opportunities from being unbalanced.

There is nothing like running a business on edge. Scrambling around, trying to find things, being moved in the wrong direction by the slight of any little thing. This is a sure way to acquire burnout. Burnout normally occurs when you operate with no ” balance” and things are “Out of Order”.

Many business owners are husbands, wives, and mothers/fathers, as well as owning the business and working internally within the business. The best way to build a business is with the mindset that you can still serve your family and personal well-being in a balanced way while operating the business. One sure-fire way for creating and maintaining balance in your business is by forming systems. A seemingly small, but significant system I used in my Salon & Spa business of 10 years, as well as in my consulting business at home, is a daily task sheet. A daily task sheet is a system for checks and balances in the recurring, necessary things that require attention in business. At the salon and spa, I had a rotating staff of customer care coordinators to handle front desk responsibilities inclusive of a daily task sheet. They didn’t have to sit around looking lost during down time. (There really is no down time on the clock in a business.) During their shift they each checked off the items on the list they had completed, before being relieved by the next Customer Care Coordinator. This also became an accountability system. It allowed me to take care of the bigger picture in the business through out the day, without having to make interactions with staff for some of the smaller, but necessary, daily operations. Surely, if someone wasn’t carrying their load, at least one person would make me aware! I was free to be the visionary for the company that I had built. I even had detailed things on the list like making sure there was ample toilet tissue, paper towel, etc. This may seem small , but when you wish to serve your guest with a spirit of excellence, it’s huge! A daily task sheet works in any business, whether it’s a small home-based business or fortune 500 company. For my home business I have a schedule and list of things to daily. I include breaks to do household and family oriented goals as well as a daily list of things like social media sites that I need to connect, tweak or revamp. This is my foundation for balance while doing business.

You needs systems in place for things that need attention daily when operating a business. Order helps you work with a spirit of excellence without being frazzled. A daily task sheet is a small tip with huge results that makes doing business with balance a breeze. It creates a consistency and foundation that your business can stand on! And, your customers will love you for it!

Make a list of things that you know need attention daily in your business. You will be better prepared and  ready to do business…. with balance!

Tanya Wilson Cherry,

Consultant to stars like you, walking out this thing called life!

Let’s Bring this thing Full Circle!

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