A few days ago, my mom called to ask if I would like a copy of Cicely Tyson’s new memoir, “Just As I Am”, as she was purchasing several copies for friends and family. 

Of course, I said, “Yes”. 

Coincidently I’d found a quote by Cicely Tyson I’d shared on Social media a few days earlier.

I thought of the challenges she may have faced in the previous months in connection with health or life at the time the memoir was written or compiled.

Somehow, she felt it important enough to continue and leave us with even more of her Legacy. Although it may have presented some challenges, I am sure there were new things she discovered about herself in the process.

Challenges make you discover things about yourself you never really knew. Such a practical yet impactful quote Cicely made.

As I think about my own personal set of challenges I’ve faced in my life and my business, in my previous marriage, in my parenting and every area of my life I definitely discovered new things about myself.

  • I learned things about myself
  •  other people
  •  my true strength
  •  a new capability
  •  my true desires
  • a new skillset
  •  what I wanted
  •  and THE TRUTH itself.

 Challenges are built into our life’s journey.

How we face and embrace them makes all the difference.

 In 2004, the end of my first year of hiring staff in my previous brick-and-mortar business definitely came with its own set of challenges.

Trust me when I tell you!

However, those challenges developed into a new capacity.

 I cultivated my ability to hire better, develop systems, manage my time differently, and improve my leadership capabilities.

I could have looked at my earlier hiring struggles and said,

  • “I’m not hiring anyone”
  • “There are no great workers”
  •  “It’s hard to find good staff”
  •  “I might as well do it all myself”
  • “Nobody wants to work” … all the things

Instead, I said, “How can I learn to hire differently?”

Guess what?

That led to having my longest running, best serving, amazing staff and team who were with me for years. They implemented, were innovative, and helped to create an amazing culture that left us with numerous reviews about our customer service, friendly atmosphere, and professionalism.

 Hunni, it also gave me more time freedom.

It also is the reason I teach brand culture, SOP (standard operation procedures), and hiring strategies to women in business in my present business today!

The hiring challenge I faced initially taught me many new things! I decided that the vision I had for my company was bigger than that immediate challenge I faced.

Even the challenges I faced within my previous marriage grew me.

 And although it was a dysfunctional marriage that ended in divorce, I learned so much in the process. I learned so much about myself, and several life modalities.  I used that time to become even more familiar with who I was, what I wanted, what was true what was right, and what was acceptable for my divine purpose and pursuit. My emotional intelligence, wellness, well-being, personal economy, capability, mindset, all the things… I learned many new things about myself from those challenging times.

 Now if you are a mom like me you also know that parenting comes with it’s own set of challenges as well.

I admit, there are some things I simply want to run from.

 ~I don’t want to answer that question.

 ~I don’t want to deal with that level of difficulty.

 ~I don’t want to reprimand.

~I don’t feel like going!

But instead, when I face a parental challenge as a teachable moment for either me or my daughter, or a sign, a Divine sign from God, telling me to shift my focus, to get more clarity, to get more connected, to Recenter, I discover new things about myself all the time.

 How do you embrace challenges in your life?

How has our current world challenges impacted you?

Have you explored them in a healthy way that allowed you to learn something new about yourself?

Maybe you have a more personal challenge you are facing currently.

 Maybe, just maybe, the challenge you are currently facing today is calling you to something higher!

Maybe, just maybe, if you change how you look at it, you’ll find out something new about yourself.

You will learn more about how you really want to live your life, how you really want to grow your business, how you really want to be in relationship with others, how you really want to show up.

Challenges do allow us to discover new things about ourselves if we face them from the right angle.

If we embrace them with the right perspective.

How can you change how you see your current challenges?

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