I remember when I first opened my salon. I had a huge idea that I would open up 10 Abstrakt Salons and then get somewhere and sit down.

But, little did I know that managing, maintaining, and causing One Salon location to be successful was a great feat!

Many people have the same Grand Visions for their place, and they are doable because people have done it before!

There are people who own multiple locations, and my mentor, Carolyn Marshall Covington being one of them.

She opened up a franchise of salon businesses that were branded and put out into the marketplace and were extremely successful.

This stage of business, the expansion stage, really really requires a mindset of expansion!

We all know, in order to increase something, there has be a great flow going on!

For some, the mistake people make in their salon business is attempting to operate in the expansion stage but not necessarily having the foundational things in place that are required to expand.

And not just expand, but to expand and sustain!

Here are some things that you should have in place when you’re looking to expand your salon business

  • You should be experiencing rapid growth in your revenue and your cash flow
  • Your business should be at a constant pace of moving forward. Almost as if the systems that you’ve put in place are running by themselves. We know they aren’t literally running by themselves, but they are running smoothly.
  • In this stage, you no longer have time to manage some of the smaller things that you were managing before. You are staying on top of the growth plan for the salon, the numbers, and systems.
  • You need to establish a large presence in the marketplace and excellent staff. Major amounts of people need to know, like, and trust you and do business with you! Having an audience and large client base are crucial!
  • A team that is connected to your vision needs to be in place.
  • This is not a time to have limited funds or uncertainty about what moves you want to make.
  • The previous stages of your business, the Seed Stage, and the growth stage should be mastered when you intend to go into the stage of expansion. I spoke of this in previous blog post. Now, this is where I find that many of us as salon industry professionals misinterpret passion and desire, move a little too fast.

We open several locations or we incorporate several different stages within our business before we Master the first stages. Before we really have the working capital to sustain.

So, if you’re considering expansion in your business, make sure to go back and check out the other two blog post I did on the Seed Stage and the Growth Stage to make sure you’ve mastered the stages on those levels so that when you go to.

There really are levels to this thing!

Next week I’ll be sharing some differences in the mindset that makes the distinction between the seed stage and the growth stage. That’s the first thing that has to shift in order to go comfortably to the next stage in your Salon Business Growth!

 Until then, you can always join me live for Salon Biz Training, weekly on my Facebook Biz page, 

Mondays and Wednesdays 11:30 Am (EST)

Success On Purpose,



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