Stop waiting on other people to live your life.
Hey, Friends.  Just sharing!

I recently accomplished a goal I wanted to do for some years now. And really, there is no way it should have taken me so long. It’s not an insurmountable goal at all. Just something I wanted to do differently.
Anyway, after achieving the goal I begin to analyze why I had not done it much sooner.
Here is what I realized :
I was sharing the idea with the wrong people, I was waiting on someone else to agree, chime in and take part.

I decided it was my goal, my experience I wanted to create, and I had waited on someone else (in so many words) to give me permission to do something MY heart desired. What took years ( and I do mean years) happened in a matter of months.
I’ve learned to be conscious about applying my own principles to  EVERY area of my life.

Of course, there is a reason I share this. ( You guys must know a little secret about me,  I’m VERY private. When I share my personal stuff, it is always on purpose.. in hopes of helping.

3 Life Lessons
*Who you tell your dreams to matters
*Stop waiting on permission from others to live your authentic life
*When you decide you deserve it….you will seek how to make it happen and it will appear.

You deserve the best life has to offer. If it’s morally sound and profitable to your quality of life, (doesn’t mean monetarily only, but fulfilling)…. Get your life!♡♡♡
From my experience to yours
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life.

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