So you’ve invested

 What’s Next

You’ll receive a Brand Assesment to complete and return( which includes explanation of goal desires.


 You’ll recieve  a  training via mail

re you an entrepreneur that knows your business could do more in 2019?

Do you want to see more growth in your business and more freedom? What would an actual strategy, plan and new systems do for your business?

  • Allow more time freedom
  • Reduce the number of  ineffective opportunities(networking events, unfruitful vending opportunities, ultimately giving your services away for free, that are ultimately a waste of time, money, and energy
  • Attract more ideals customers
  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Allow you more time with family, self-care and doing the things you love and find valuable!
  • Allow you more control and less frustration in your daily operations

Those are a few opportunities available for you in this “Live in person or Virtually 1 Day Business Intensive!”

You really and truly know that your business is valuable, but you also know your business could perform at another level!

If you are aware you lost clients or staff or even potential work because you weren’t prepared for opportunities or didn’t have the right resources to make it happen, this “1 Day Business Intensive” is going to be an amazing opportunity for your business!

You can count the number of missed opportunities because you couldn’t add one more thing it to your plate, although you truly needed the increase.

A specific focus and direction are needed to operate at your highest!

And that is what I excel in helping entrepreneurs do… focus, strategize, plan, market and profit in their business!

Maybe you simply have somethings that have been rolling in your head, thoughts, but implementing them and making them happen is another story altogether.

You found yourself simply doing so much of the things you don’t love in your business daily activities that you feel overwhelmed or frustrated about next level.

 At some point, when you are truly looking for your business to grow, you no longer run your business reacting to what transpires throughout the year. You strategize with a solid plan that aligns with your values and desires and gives you a measure of freedom at the same time.

Often times, entrepreneurs run their business simply HOPING everything will work out.  and, it normally does JUST WORK OUT, but not always in a way that is profitable or meeting the expectations you truly have for growth in your business!

I invite you to dive deep and get intimate with your business in this 1 Day Business Intensive. All Live Intensives are held in and around Raleigh NC.

It will help you tremendously!


Slay Your Plans 1-day intensive is derived from the systems and strategies from a staple program in my company. Designed for Business owners who want an intensive 0ne day serious planning, clarity, and strategy Session to truly change the trajectory of how they do business and how they profit for 2018.


Who is this for:

  • Serious Business owners who have already established their business and are ready for new informaion for their next level.

Entrepreneurs who want to plan their year in business 

What will it include:

A business assessment prior to You 1 Day Intensive


  • to produce more profit,
  • schedule more time freedom and more efficiency in running their business
  •  Business owners who need more systems and structure in their  daily business operations
  • Entrepreneurs looking for more exposure to their ideal customers  to create stronger opportunity for sales and increase
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create a business and lifestyle they love that harmonizes with their values and desires in life as well.

*This not for people who have not started their business yet

6 Focus Areas included during the intensive:

1-Review and Reflection

Snapshot of the previous year to determine what needs to go, stay or be tweaked to perform at maximal potential for the New Year

2-Vision Clarity Quest Segment

  • Value-Based Direction you want your business to head

3-Clarity of Your Ideal Customer and Brand Clarity


             4- Profit Projection

Set goals for the year that align with your and wisely stretch you to new levels in your business!

5-Strategy and Planning Session:

Finalization of process needed to implement your planning

6-Operational Systems and processes

Much of this will be hands-on (laptops are required)creating 1-3 systems to begin using  immediately in the business that allows you more time freedom, more client attraction and smoother daily operations( Based on your unique business and time allotted in the intensive)


I’ve taught portions of the strategies to local organizations, associations for the Chamber of Commerce, leadership conferences and entrepreneurs from all over virtually online and in person.


 If you know having systems and a strategy for your business, an amazing day of Vision Clarity, Mindset shifts, and a real plan is what your business needs schedule your exclusive 1 Day Business Intensive!

 The 1 Day Intensive run 5-7 hours 

Bring Your Laptops and tablets!

 Your Best Business. Life is the one that you plan. I would love to teach you relevant systems and strategy in a thought-provoking power-packed day! 

The cost of this 1 Day intensive it $1997

You won’t look at your business the same!

Slay 1 Day Business Intensive

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