Do you struggle with your booth renters paying or even paying on time? Is it hard to keep renters in your salon?

Let’s face it, when you opened your salon and decided to have renters in your space you had no idea that there would be a struggle, not just to get them to pay, but even to get them to pay on time.

Sometimes, in desperation, you allow them to go months on end by the time the year is up, with overdue fees. Simply because you know that you need some money coming in and the chances that that will happen with no renter’s, we know it’s slim to none.

Not only that, you really want your renters to be successful.

You too were probably in a similar position at some point in your career as a renter.

So what does a booth rental salon owner do?

  • you’re not responsible for marketing for them 
  • you’re not responsible for giving them training classes or teaching them how to build clientele, or even manage their money.
  • You’re not responsible for helping them set goals based on quotas and things of that nature.


However, 95% of them need it! 

What if you had an opportunity to have someone to come to you who would teach them to do just that?

A One-Day Intensive with all of your renters that would help them to grow their clientele and build their business right there in your space.

It would be a plus for you as the owner to offer this as an added amenity to renting in your space. It will attract new renters and help you to maintain current renters who could, in turn, continue to pay you!

Let me tell you a little more about the opportunity, a little more about me and why I can help you.

With a 24-year background in the Beauty Industry as a licensed cosmetologist and 10 years as a Former Salon Owner  I myself understand!

I’ve since worked and connect with 100’s of hairstylists, salon owners, and Salon Suite owners, from multiple states around the world helping them build their salon industry careers and I hear their struggles!

I remember first starting out as a salon owner, I had employees and then switched over to renters.

They both are two very different scopes of ownership.

It’s can be more difficult to create a Brand or to maintain a consistent flow as a  renter Salon Owner, because technically, you are just renting a space for other independent professionals to operate their business, with their own set of rules and concepts. Building a team and creating a culture can be difficult under those terms.

 But it’ s definitely possible and necessary oin today’s market place.

 There really are several different things to consider as a Salon owner to renters.

On top of that, the new change in the industry, where many stylists are leaving and opening their own Salon Suite. ( Unfortunately, those stylists need to understand client building, marketing, and business too)

Even if you would like to go the extra mile, you simply don’t have the time to train them and take it from me, they often to receive the information better from outsiders.

In the early stages of my salon business I flew someone in to help deliver my message and vision and everything shifted!

So, what do you do to keep your renters, encourage them to pay, or even set them up for success so they are able to pay you and everyone’s happy?

Offer them a Client/Business Building training from an expert.

One of the biggest things I hear is that “Owners of Rental Salons find it difficult to keep good renters”.

I’ve created a results-driven 1-day Intensive, with the salon owner and the renters’ growth in mind!

The 1 Day Salon Intensive Includes:

  •  5-6 hour 1-day Salon Intensive that you can offer your renters
  • Marketing and business building resources for local, in-house, and social media marketing
  • Team building exercises 
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Work Books participants keep
  •  strategies to build clientele, set goals, market, profit, be inspired in the workplace and work as a team although they are independent owners.

A team that is flowing and working together always creates an amazing VIBE for the customers. Offering repeat business, referrals, and booth renters who understand their role in your space and are able to PAY.

If this sounds like just what you need, take a moment to fill out this short questionnaire which allows me to combine your “unique” needs in your Salon in the One day Intensive! 

Your Investment: $1497( travel hotel accommodations not included)

* Special request may incur a price increase

 *A deposit is required to schedule the intensive

 I look forward to helping you with your vision for your salon! After filling out your questionnaire you can expect a call and an invoice to schedule your 1 Day intensive!

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