Building Wealth From The Inside Out

Accessing the flow state…
Tapping Into the FEMININE Side Of Your Business and Life
And amplifying the Leader In you.

Exceptional Mastermind 2022/6 Month Session

You can apply now!

Enrollment is Now Open for our next start-up in June 2022


Most people can hustle their way to 6 figures but at some point, that growth spurt requires something completely different.  The whole hustle hard, push through seems far too heavy.
Tapping  in more to your soul set and your Life Vision brings more flow and ease. You desire to align with work that not only prospers you, but nourishes you as well.

At some point YOU require something completely different.

The Exceptional Leaders Mastermind 

Evolve YourBrandGain ultimate Brand Clarity and Grow your Brand from a place of Alignment.
Tap into your Soul Set and expand your Brand in a way that feels good to you. 
It gets to be easy and prosperous.

Grow in your spiritual alignment in ways that will transform your entire life.
Tap into you prosperity portal through inner-work and spiritual growth. Evolve in a safe space with amazing women growing their business and life from the inside out. Increase your capacity for more. Find the feminine  flow in your business and life.

Make Money From Your Gifts: Create and monetize a signature course or program from your gifts,  expertise,  and knowledge.
Create additional streams of revenue.  
Create what feels great to you and attracts those you desire to help by tapping in and uncovering your divine gifts and abilities already on the inside of you…. and be paid generously for it.

Embody Abundant Mindset Principles that will impact your prosperity through Money  Mindset training that allows you to manifest more money, with greater ease and flow, and quantum leap your success.

Ceo Mapping to access more time freedom and flexibility in your role as a Visionary.
 Learn to 3-5x your revenue/income by being more…not working or doing more.

Level Up a your leadership Step into the empowering Leader you were destined to be.

Bonus Quest Experts on wealth building

 Enroll in a Mastermind Community An ambitious, holistic group of highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs serious about their life, legacy, business growth, and impact in the world.

Who is this for:

  • Women Service-Based Business Owners,
  • Life Coaches
  • Industry Educators
  • Transformational Coaches
  • Holistic Business Owners
  • Health/Wellness Coaches
  • Women in corporate America who desire to monetize their intellectual property
  • Creatives,…serious about growing their money and life.
  • Those who desire wealth and prosperity in their  WHOLE life.
    (Relationship, business, health and well-being)
  • Those who believe in investing in themselves and living a fulfilled life 
  • Women who feel called to create the life they love, on their own terms, with more freedom, flow and ease.
  • Those who understand the value of support, community, and accountability in their space of evolution.

Exceptional Mastermind 2022 is for those who have a Big VISION.for Life,  Business/Personal Brand and know they are called to Serve a Bigger Purpose.

If that’s you and you desire to up-level every aspect of your life

This is an exceptional opportunity!

 Because we value our community and take growth seriously there is an application required. A limited number of spaces are open for this 6 month Mastermind

Upon acceptance into the program, you receive a Bonus assessment and a personal strategy to begin implementing before the Mastermind Coaching Begins!

Enrollment is open Now- Exceptional Master Mind 

Officially Begins June 2022

 The Concept of Masterminding has been around for ages. Used by numerous powerful individuals. Allegiances have been formed in Mastermind groups who’ve  gone on to do massive and major things in their lives and careers through the concept of Masterminding!
The energy, insight, and inspiration coupled with support creates momentum and impact that yields multiplied results in shorter time frames!




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Tanya Wilson Master Life and Business Coach

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