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Exceptional Leaders Mastermind/Year Long Opportunity

You can apply now!

Enrollment is Now Open for our next start-up in June 2021.


Most people can hustle their way to 6 figures but at some point, that growth spurt requires new insight, strategies, and systems. Most entrepreneurs are also ready for a new an additional revenue stream. 

Whether that’s offers to build client attraction, a  signature course or program to grow profits, or a team to make the growth sustainable long-term, growth often requires some form of reinvention or digging deeper on the brand establishment.

In The Exceptional Leaders Mastermind 

We take a collective stance to position you to 3-5X your income

You Will  :

Create a signature course or program from your expertise and knowledge-creating an additional stream of revenue,

Gain ultimate Brand Clarity and Identifying your perfect people, (clients, team, collaborative efforts) to position and market your brand, attract the right people, and continually grow your business from a place of alignment.

Grow in your spiritual alignment in ways that will transform your entire life in a safe space with amazing women growing their business and life!

Adopt Abundant Mindset Principles that will impact your prosperity through monthly mindset training

Be guided through The “Grow your Team” Track

  •  Develop a  hiring system for your business.
  • Learn interview strategies, create an orientation process,
  • Learn to hire the best!
  • Get expert advice from an Accountant
  • Handbook, interview templates, front desk training manual, and
  • numerous other hiring resources provided.
  • Hire your First New Hire or Revamp Your Current Team

Learn to create a culture that develops knowledgeable reliable team members, creating a culture of growth and expansion within your business,

Ceo Schedule Mapping to allow you more time freedom and Flexibility in your role as you embrace more of a Visionary role of your company,  ad profit strategies to help you 3-5x your revenue/income without working more.

 Join a Mastermind Community An ambitious group of highly driven,  and successful women entrepreneurs serious about their business growth and impact in the world.

This does mean you have to be willing to put in the work upfront in order to step into the new levels of freedom on the other side.

Who is this for:

  • Women Service-Based Business Owners,
  • Aspiring Coaches,
  • Industry Educators,
  • Creatives,…serious about growing their Brand, Business, Revenue, and life!
  • Women in business willing to do the work before the wealth required to see growth
  • Those serious about investing in their business and life


Exceptional Leaders Mastermind is for those who have a Bigger VISION.

Not everyone has a Big Vision.. and that’s perfectly okay,

but those who join our Mastermind Have a Big Vision for their Business or Personal Brand and know they are called to Serve a Bigger Purpose.

If that’s you and you desire to up-level your brand, create additional revenue streams by creating products, signature courses from your intellectual property and expertise, build an amazing team to assist in growing the vison for your business, solidify build your business to work you out of a job and into more of a leadership and visionary role with more time freedom, if you are on your track to 100K, or more, “Exceptional Leaders Mastermind was created for you. A  Premium Community and Coaching opportunity for you to Brand, Build & Profit. This is an exceptional opportunity!

 Because we value our community and take growth seriously there is an application required and only 20 people are accepted.

Upon acceptance into the program, you receive a Bonus Business assessment and a 90-day strategy to begin implementing before the Mastermind Coaching Begins!

Enrollment is open Now- Exceptional Master Mind  Officially Begins Dec of 2020.

A very limited number will be accepted for the 2020-2021  Year Long Mastermind Year!

 The Concept of Masterminding has been around for ages. Used by numerous powerful individuals. allegiances have been formed in Mastermind Groups and gone on to do massive and major things in their lives and careers through the concept of Masterminding!

Mastermind group members challenge each other to set powerful goals, and achieve them! The energy and inspiration coupled with the support of highly driven individuals create momentum and impact that yields multiplied results in shorter time frames!

Support, accountability, brainstorming, resources, major connections, Coaching, opportunities, and massive growth happen when highly driven individuals come together with a centralized focus to grow massively in their life and business!

 Exceptional things will occur in this Mastermind!

Only select highly driven individuals who are willing to receive at high levels and contribute are accepted!

The Exceptional Mastermind will have a unique and  Select Focus Areas

  • The Mindset Needed for Massive Growth

  • Collaboration

  •  Team Building and Hiring
  • Brand Building

  • Business Building (Systems)

  •  Next Level Profit Strategies

 In this opportunity, you will not only have the advantage of masterminding but also coaching, in which  I teach concepts beyond the surface into further designing your unique Business Brand and Personal Brand.

This Mastermind is ideal for service-based business owners, Speakers, Industry Educators, Aspiring coaches, and Salon Owners.

Branding your business properly attracts clients you love working with, who value your service, agree with your pricing, and refer new people all the time!

Building your Business is creating simple effective systems,  that make doing busy attractive and easy for your clients, great for your team, and you to operate fully in your area of gifting and serving in the market place!

And Profit…. Yesssss! This is where you are working on the most profit-producing actions to multiply your profits with results-driven strategies.

Improve what you’ve learned in the early stages in your business. Much of the early stages of business are trial and error, doing what we know to the fullest, that sometimes just works, but often leaves you just working more with tireless hours In the business.

Fulfillment and happiness in your business efforts come from understanding some of the simplest things on a deeper level and giving your self permission to be uniquely YOU.

This is Ideal for Service-Based Business Owners, Industry Educators, Coaches, Salon Professionals that seriously want to create more time freedom and reach new, exciting, more profitable levels in their business!


Then there is a level where doing more work is not the answer, but doing work significant to your growth is key. This is the growth track to produce greater profits with more ease, a smoother flow in business, and a great staff you enjoy working with while prospering.

There is a flow in business that allows you time to enjoy operating your business with a more empowering effort that allows your business to flow instead of just function!

And the key to that is SYSTEMS!

You’ll learn these concepts FULL CIRCLE in this year-long  MasterMind

You Recieve: An Initial Business/Brand Assessment


This is for serious entrepreneurs who are truly committed to taking their Business, Brand, and Life to THe Next Level!

Enrollment is Now Open for our Next Session(2020) that starts at the end of the year.

There will only be a limited number of people accepted. We make no promises as only you can determine if you will align and do your work, however many of our previous clients have 10x(+) their investment!

  •  With the strategies taught in our mastermind, we’ve had clients who made their money back in 2 days after implementing and doing their work.
  • Clients who work with me have increased by 30% in 90 days. 
  • Clients who’ve created systems and were sought ought by non – profit organizations and have since taught their systems in over 15 counties. The results vary based on the individual and their willingness to do their work..

Apply Now. You will receive a call within 48 hrs.(Business Days) to discuss the opportunity!

Can’t wait to serve you!  Let’s Grow’

Your Transformational Growth Strategist/ Business Coach and Mentor

When Covid is not being ugly, our mastermind members meet in person for our annual Retreat. Here a few members sharing their experience.

~Brandi Nichole “Confidence Coach”

Sojourna Worthy

Emotional Wellness Coach,

Product Creator of Holistic Hair Care Products, Certified Trichologist

Sharonda Thomas

Service-Based Business Owner, Hair Color and Shears, Inc.


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