your abundant self

One On One Private Coaching

Hit or miss results?

Things you desire come but don’t stay?

Toggling between where you are and where you desire to be?

Your Identity creates your reality.

You can’t take an old identity into a new reality and get different results.

And this is often what most are attempting to do.

Have you been attempting to take your old self into a new reality and wondering why things come with so much resistance?

This is where similar results from the past or unfavorable hit-or-miss results show up.


Affirmations only work if you have an aligned IDENTITY.

Creating a new self-concept is the key to accessing what’s next for you.

Affirmations don’t make your fear of money or opportunity, the loss of it, or the doubt that you can acquire it, go away.

They are the catalyst, but you have to identify and embody the person who is a match for your desires.

It’s not about the money!

Whether it stays, goes, expands, or flows is all about YOU!

It’s about changing how you see yourself within.

It’s about who you are BEING!

This is no different from other areas of your life, relationships, health, etc.

You need a New Idenity!

I’ve decided to walk you through the steps to creating a New Identity that is a match for your new desires in this New Private Coaching opportunity!

We will work on:

Week 1: UUncovering how you actually see yourself now

Week 2: Identifying and Aligning your true desires

Week 3: Detoxing the way you showed up prior. Attacking any mental blocks and embodying your new identity needed to bring your desires into your reality

In addition, there are 3 parts to your identity I’ve devised that are majorly important.

When you work on one the other two align.

We will also cover this, in our time together.

This is a private one-on-one opportunity to coach with me for 3 weeks.

This is your missing link!

Reserve your session.

We will then find a convenient time for us to get started!

Peace and Abundance


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All deposits (installments) and payments are non-refundable as only a limited amount of spaces are available weekly for this service. Your payment guarantees you a spot on the calendar.