There are 4 Principles every salon industry Professional needs to understand in order to profit in their career!

 People, Products, Promotions, And Profits,

This course deep dives into each of those principles giving clarity on how they relate to your career as a salon industry professional and you being successful!

You will learn :

Video 1- The Mindset of A Success Entrepreneur

Video 2 The People You need to be successful in your career

How you, your team and your collaboration fit into your profit equation with strategies to generate and increase profits form relationship building!

Video 3 Promotions: Cheap doesn’t guarantee butts in seats!

What to focus on when promoting your products and where to promote your products.

Video 4 Products:

  • What a product consists of

Principle things needed to have a sellable product for the marketplace

  • Video 5 Profit:

How to Profit in your career and a bonus PDF that allows you to put your real numbers in the equation to see where you are with your pricing and how you can increase if there is a need that will allow you to continue to profit!

This Course is valued at $397 for a short time you can access it for only 



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