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I love helping people get to their next level, realize their potential, grow their business,  and set their course on living the life they truly love.

I have a special affection for the Beauty Industry, where I got my start!

I really want to see all entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams, but my heart rest in the Beauty Industry!

“It’s possible to be great and still need help” ~Tanya Wilson-Cherry

I’d Love to Help You!

There are several ways to work with me for Business and Life Coaching Services

for Business and Life Coaching Services


                                                   *Free 15 minute S.O.A.R CALL

 Set of Actions Required (S.O.A.R.) Call For Salon Business

This call is designed to give to you direction on what you need for your business growth and how I can help you) This call is free!

  • Fill In your information below
  • You will recieve a questionaire( 5 questions in a link) Your questions need to be filled out and retuned back  through email 24-48 hours before the call to qualify!

( There may be unique situations where shortened time frame for questions apply)

Please Note: If you schedule and miss this call you’ll have to wait 30 days from the date of the missed call to schedule another free call. After 3 times, you will not be have access to the free opportunity for 6 months. Although this call is free, it is still valuable and a space that is no longer available for others who are looking to move forward with direction for their business should you schedule and miss.

  • You will have access to schedule your appointment through my appointment calendar ( Please remember to send your answered question back 24-48 hours priof to your S.O.A.R. call)

Thank you for understanding and choosing me to help you with your vision!

Time is one of our most preciopus commodities.

Schedule your FREE S.O.A.R. CALL TODAY!

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Free S.O.A.R. Call For Salon Business

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*Clarity Call



Absolutely amazing! I’m convinced that the 30 minutes that Tanya spent with me has catapulted my career into greater success! There were simple tips and strategies given that made all of the pieces to my “puzzle” come together! Money well spent! An investment into my future and I’m excited! `~MieshaEdmonds “The Situation Room II- Healthy Hair Car Options”

                  ______________ Clarity Call____________________

This is a call that will help you to find direction in your career as a Salon Owner or Hair Stylist.

This is 30 minutes of clarity for your personal hairstylist career or salon owner business.

 If you are stuck, need direction, need marketing resources or next priority steps for your career or salon , this consultation is designed to give you just that!


Clarity Call $197


*Renew Strategy Session


*Next level Renew Strategy Session(carried out over 60 day time frame)


Discuss your vision and desires for your business and received specific strategies to make it happen.

 Help with such things as, but not limited to marketing, team building, staff development, growing your clientele!       This is a virtual Face to Face Call

You’ll receive:

  • 1 Hour Renew strategy session Virtual Face To Face
  • ~Two 30 Minute Strategy Sessions (scheduled approximately 30 days apart) Offering you time to work your strategy and discuss any questions you may have while implementing the strategies that were agreed upon and discussed in you 1 hour session.
  • Up to 2 topic specific topic related emails that pertain to your strategy agreed to carry out during your Initial hours strategy session weekly! (Emails  answered within 48 hours!)

accountability is huge for the next level Stylists or Salon owners!

Renew Strategy Sessions Options

Slay Your Plans 1 Day Business Intensive-( 1 to 1 Consulting) $1997 Click Here


* I also customize consulting packages, as well as travel for on sight more in-depth consulting! Rates are determined based on your unique, individual needs and travel arrangements! Email to inquire about these services!

I look forward to helping you take your vision to the next level!

From My Experience Yours,


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