Salon New Hire Bundle

The New 2019 Revised Copy!

Many salon owners share their concerns with hiring the right staff and struggling to find the right team.

Changing your mindset about hiring, and how you hire, can change things tremendously in your salon atmosphere.

As the leader, everything falls back on you. something I learned in my early years of hiring and salon ownership. For as much as I complained about the staff not wanting to work, or not being able to find the right staff, I actually needed to learn to hire differently!

So that’s exactly what I did… and everything shifted. After making those changes, I had the best running staff I’d ever had and their longevity was amazing for our salon growth!

Simply because I learned to hire differently!

My interview process changed and my clarity on who was fit for our salon culture was more defined.  I now had a defined job description for each position for our Salon and Spa.

Again, the strategies I developed not only worked for hiring, but for marketing and growing our salon as well. It was a full circle return on investment!

I learned to ask the right questions before hiring people!

It makes a huge difference!

Are you asking the right questions?

You can access the New Hire Bundle Which includes:

  • Over 36 purposeful suggestive interview questions( For Hairstylist and Front Desk Position)
  • A “7 Step Action Plan” with attraction strategies for hiring salon professionals with a bonus 8th step that will help you tremendously!
  • A hairstylist Job Description

I created this bundle with the very strategies I used to develop my team of salon and spa professionals during my time of salon ownership. It’s also been used to help many salon owners create successful hiring systems for their business creating a most rewarding culture, efficiency, and profits in their business using the strategies and templates included in this bundle!  The interview questions have also been used successfully in professions outside of the industry. Simply because they are people building and team building based.

Attract better team members, and build a team that aligns with the vision you have for your Salon and your Brand!

Your Downloadable copies are accessible immediately upon purchase!

Disclaimer: As any other document for your business have your attorney look over the template of interview questions. Although these have been looked over by an attorney, states and policies are different! This information is for educational purposes only