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Many people lose their passion in the salon industry for many reasons.

I don’ think it’s something that’s only for a chosen few, I feel everyone who stays in it long enough, at some point will experience it! 

So guess what… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

 Often times I find it’s because priorities, lifestyle, and desires have changed and what used to be great becomes… not so great anymore!

In a recent poll on my social media I asked the question,

 “Why do some hairstylist and Salon Owners lose their passion in the industry?”

 Here are just a few of the reason listed:

  • They get frustrated with clients, home life, and their own personal health. The up and down cycle of the business keeps them frustrated as well.
  • Nonloyal clients, ups and downs of the business….so many barber’s and stylists are working second jobs just to maintain….
  • Same routine … Not expanding in their business/ skillset.
    Also not taking personal time off
  • Sometimes overload….mental and physical
  • Cheap and difficult clients
  • I lost my passion after giving birth to my daughter I was like, ” who am I what do I want to be when I grow up LOL ..” ( OMG !!! THIS WAS ME)
  • Non-professionals depreciating the value of the Industry & clients expecting premium service & substandard rates


 I was so touched by the response I decided to create  Free Masterclass on Reigniting your Passion in the Salon Industry!
 I know all too well how many of the hairstylist and Salon Owners Felt who responded.
 Many of the responses were ones I felt my self in my earlier years in the industry!
In this FREE MASTER LIFE CLASS I want to share a few things that helped me during times like that and some things that have occurred for some of the stylist and SalonOwners I’ve helped with their business that reignited their passion:
  • One thing I understand is that everything has low peaks after a while and there are a few things to do when you need a pick me up and a breath of fresh air or even a fresh start
  •  I want to share some major transitional shifts that  will help you in your next stage as it relates to your career!

 For this Next Master Class, if you need a boost, a pick me up, a, fresh insight and some tools to reignite your passion in the industry( it doesn’t always have to be behind the chair) :

 Join Me for this impactful push providing you with tools to S.O.A.R  for your individual next best move!

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