Thriving in Crisis… The Joseph Principle

If I had to sum up what to do in times of uncertainty in business when the economy seems to be taking a turn for the worst, it would be two things:

Don’t panic…P.I.V.O.T
Don’t eat your SEED.

I recently shared a  live broadcast called

Thriving in Crisis…The Joseph Principle.

The Joseph Principle is a Wealth Principle that’s been around a long time.

Often seen in operation more when the economy seems uncertain.

Many wealthy and even financially stable people have operated off this principle found in the bible whether they believe in God or not…

they believe in the principle.

It is not biased… it doesn’t pick who it works for… it just works.

It’s found in the first book of the Bible, “Genesis”.

It’s main character Joseph demonstrates the principle while taking a large group of people through a famine.

Activity of the principle was sparked when Joseph was asked to interpret a dream for Pharoah. Pharoah in today’s times would be like the President of a country or a  King with Royal Rule.

Joseph interprets a dream for the Pharoah at that time stating there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine in the land.
Joseph was then asked to spearhead in sustaining the economic status of Egypt, an entire country.
During the years of plenty, Joseph did not do like most and
ball out,
buy all the new Christian Louboutin
take time for granted,
Hop on flights regularly.
I mean, I’m sure Joseph still lived well, but he was VERY intentional about what he did with the money he was steward over; essentially the resources that would save millions of people from starving and losing everything they had.

He saved and stored up during the good years.
He invested heavily and purchased things of value that the people would need in a time of famine. He cultivated his gifts and skills.

For today’s entrepreneur that would be up-leveling IP(intellectual property), strategically investing in things that would have a return on investment, getting better at the main things that would produce a profit in their business and building stronger systems and foundations.

Joseph remained consistent and diligent.
He did not do what most were doing.
He made Destiny decisions.
During the lean years, Joseph was a Pillar for the People.

His strategy was of extreme wisdom and intelligence!

A strong resource that helped them through the famine.


Two of the main things Joseph did during the onset of famine… he strategized and he invested.

Joseph’s stewardship over the finances caused the country of Egypt to rest in a position of being the lender and not the borrower. There were resources that produced revenue, strategic partnerships, revenue during the famine, and valuable goods.  Similar to those who are able to buy property and other items at below market value in times of a recession! Because they used the Joseph Principle they are positioned differently. Able to invest in things that will give them a return on investment when many aren’t able to because of what they did/did not do during the years of plenty.

Maybe for you, that is investing in a class or course you need that will make you stronger when the economy changes. Maybe you’ll be able to purchase property at amazing cost.

Joseph’s Wisdom and Diligence also trickled down to his family.

His family lacked nothing.

Think about what implementing the Joseph Principle would mean for you!


Before this, Joseph was previously just known as the boy who had an amazing gift of interpreting dreams. His wisdom allowed him to P.I.V.I.O.T.

Often times, when the economy shifts what you were previously known for P.I.V.O.TS. or at least it often needs to.

Joseph had done personal work behind the scenes while becoming known for his ONE thing, interpreting dreams.

In all other scenarios, even though most of Joseph’s situations he found himself in prior to this would seem as troubled time, he still remained, extremely valuable and wise. It paid off.

When it was necessary Joseph was able to P.I.V.O.T. and see his other gifts and skill sets

He Thrived during a Crisis.

there are so many wealth principles in this story.  Many are hidden because they are what we consider soft skills. I talked about this in From Generalist to Specialist

Behind the scenes, Joseph had spent time with God and cultivating his skills.
He’d been building and Cultivating Strategic Relationships, Understanding that popular doesn’t mean profitable, (sometimes the mistake on social media), Setting Boundaries, removing distractions and investing in what matters, just to name a few.

I actually list 7 different skill sets Joseph had that allowed him to thrive in a famine and carry an entire country( that could be your family, your tribe, your coaching clients, etc) through a famine.

Joseph was able to P.I.V.O.T when the time was necessary.

How can you P.I.VO.T, possibly use some of these principles in what’s transpiring in our country today to help you in your personal/business economy?

You must take a few minutes to listen to me share how the Joseph Principle works in the video I shared recently with one of my Social Media Platforms. …

I’m a little passionate in this video… just a heads up!

Click here to watch the video: The Joseph Principle

Success On Purpose

Your Growth Strategist Business Coach/ Mentor

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Are You in the seed stage of Growing Your Business/Brand?


Let’s Face it!

The way you attract customers into your business has changed!


And the past 10 to 15 years,

” back in the day” as my daughter Jaden states it,

there was no such thing as building a brand on social media or learning all of this technology to grow your business.

“I want to share some things with you I think will help you in your frustration!”


If I’d had this simplified outlook on my entrepreneurial career when I first started, (the 3 stages for Business Growth),

I’m sure it would have been a lot easier for me in my different levels of success.

Understanding where you are and what’s right at the next level can offer hope and direction. Twenty-some years ago, when I started out as a self-employed entrepreneur in a service-based industry, building a clientele was nothing like it is today.

Guess what, your  Business or Entrepreneurial Career has about three stages of growth for you to embrace.

I’ll share the first stage with you and share the other 2 in upcoming blog posts!

I’m going to give some brief tips on what to expect in each stage I share. Then, you can think about where you are and decide which stage of growth sounds familiar in your journey.

This will give you a level of clarity.

It will give you direction on things you can start or tweak depending on what stage you find your business in.


Don’t worry, after, if you’re still a little uncertain about your unique position, You can schedule a complimentary call with me afterward

The First Stage:

The Seed Stage.

As I was planning this blog post, I thought of an opportunity I had about 4-5 years ago with the Chamber of Commerce in our area. I was asked to teach a group of Budding Entrepreneurs for a SEED GRANT program in the ground root stages of developing their business. My topic for my session was, SEED, TIME, HARVEST!

As I am recollecting now, it was so in line with the 3 stages we’ll discuss over our next few blog post!

Okay, The Seed Stage!

  • This is a beginning stage( outside of creating a vision) of your Business.

In this stage, you are trying to find your way

  • You may find yourself hitting the pavement passing out your cards a lot.
  • Talking to people…networking!
  • Doing an extreme amount of learning and taking skill set classes!

For me, in my first years, although I still take classes now, I took so many classes from so many experts. I bought many courses online when I opened my business and stayed connected to my mentor.

This helped me get a better understanding of my business.

I spent a lot of time really promoting my business to those in my local community.

You may find your self doing this now. It’s necessary! Especially in The Seed Stage.

This is a lot of what goes on in the early stages!


  • You are the marketer

  • You are the appointment scheduler

  • You’re the person pretty much doing it all at this stage.

  • you’re building up your visibility and the letting your community know that you exist

  • You just need clients. You aren’t particular at all about who that client is, you just need butts in seats.

As your clientele/business begins to grow, it can become overwhelming… Being the one-man show.

When the frustration comes, it is often time to move on to the next stage of growth in your  Business. You begin seeing the need for more attention to the real business operations at this point.

In today’s times, an online appointment scheduler,  and/or receptionist for a brick and mortar business owner, a website, and email marketing are a few tools that could help you to not feel so overwhelmed,

work smarter, not harder

and not be as frustrated about running the business side of your business outside of the skillset.

As creatives, we often focus so much on the skill set! (they didn’t tell us we’d have to learn business too)😙

However, even the greatest skilled in their craft can still do feel frustrated.

Again, it is normally time to move into the next Stage of Growth.

I can’t wait to share the next stage with you.

By the way, The Seed Stage has nothing to do with how long you’ve been doing what you do.

I’m certain hearing details on the next stage will give you some clarity on deciding if it’s time for the next steps.


Knowing what stage you are in helps tremendously.

Click here to check out The Growth Stage


The number of years you’ve been a licensed professional doesn’t always match the Stage You are in your business. You could very well be a newbie in your industry, but still, be ready for the Next Growth Stage in your business.

Until next week!

Success on Purpose


Transformational Growth Strategist/ Business Coach/ Mentor

Are you in the Growth Stage of Your Business?

Being a woman in business definitely goes through several phases, three of which I mentioned in a  previous training on Facebook .

I also did a blog post on the first stage of growth, THE SEED STAGE, that a  business owner or entrepreneurial career goes through!

So, today we’ll talk about the Growth Stage of an entrepreneurial Career/ Business. I’ll highlight what that entails.

Let’s jump right in

  • In the Growth Stage of business, you may find yourself moving out of the survival mode. YESSSSS!
  • You normally have begun trying to figure out who your true customers are.
  • Your Income and Revenue feels a little more certain.
  • The Growth Stage is such a tricky stage/ You really have to be careful. In this stage, many people make the huge mistake of increasing their spending during the Growth Stage. After all, you’ve struggled for so long, it feels like freedom. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve it!
  • Many people make the Grave mistake of doing a lot of excess things with the increased Revenue in this stage of Growth.

This is actually where I feel you should really invest back into your business.

  • Begin putting money to the side
  • Get rid of things that just are not working.
  • Really sit down and look at the operational side of your business. Whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur, or business owner, videographer, or cake baker… there is a business side to your business, and your attention to it will determine whether you continue to grow!
  • In the Growth Stage, you master being attentive to your business working functions and systems.
  • This is a time where you really should master your systems.
  • As you prepare for a greater influx of people and customers, you should market to them and service them with greater ease and experience for the customer.
  • Your Customer Process should function at the highest. After all, we need customers to do business, and their experience with you is important. Scheduling appointments, the experience they have on the phone, their consultation, their check out process, their connections between visits.. all this stuff matter!
  • If you have staff or employees in your business, their training, etiquette, staff meetings, all of this matters gravely too. Everyone in your business ultimately is “the experience” customers have in your place. Whether they are your client or another person in the business, they are affected by staff. It becomes a part of your Brand, and how the marketplace sees you!
  • Take time in the Growth Stage to begin operating with specific systems. Recognize how well they work or don’t work! Tweak them so that they work to Peak Performance! This will help to eliminate some of the frustration that can occur because you are getting more customers and being exposed to more people. This is really a great time to focus on those systems because there are also more customers to spread the word if things are not operating well.
  • This is a huge time for reflection! It can even feel like you have taken a seat back when you actually haven’t, you’ve just taken an opportunity to maximize and master your time, your energy, your money, your resources, your connections, and your systems
  • Sometimes LESS IS MORE!
  • The Growth Stage is really a time to use some of the added Revenue to get help in your business so that it makes doing business easier and not harder.
  • Start delegating some of the lower-level tasks out to someone else so you can focus on the income-producing things that you are great at, whether that greater service provider or excellent visionary/leader.
  • Don’t be The Lone Ranger.
  • You Simply Can’t do it all and do it with a spirit of excellence!

This pretty much details many of the things that are expected and the things that you should Master in your Growth Stage.

Measuring will be everything to mastering this Level and preparing

for the next.

I would love to hear from you about what stage you feel you’re in so far.

Hopefully, this has challenged you to take another look at your business!

Leave your comments below!

Next week( Where we discuss the last stage, The Expansion Stage)

Success on Purpose


Growth Strategist/ Business Coach/ Mentor

Helping you create the Business and Lifestyle You Love!

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6 Things A vision will Produce For Your Life and Business

Most women business owners open a business with one goal in mind…


Often following a traditional path or routine, much like what we’ve been previously exposed to.

Then find themselves just working, hitting some high points along the way, or taking years upon years to reach a point of comfort and fulfillment.

This is often the case because there is no defined VISION.

A vision is a clear picture or perspective of future achievement, outlook, or position.

Vision was that thing that got me over the hump and through life interruptions…that were different from what I had originally planned.

A well-known Proverb says, 

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he?

Vision becomes part of your personal laws.

Here is my take on that Proverb.

A vision gives you things to map out and plan. A guide. Something to measure choices and decisions by.

Here are a few benefits of having a vision:
#1 Focus

Focus- The center of interest or activity!

When operating a business or any project, group, even a family, if there is a vision,  you have a focal point that helps to make sure you meet your goals needed to carry out the desired results. Without it, you may find yourself all over the place, just trying stuff, choosing prematurely, making quick rash decisions that are a waste of time and can also be costly.

#2 a Vision develops organization.

Organization-an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc. When you have a vision, you also have a vision for who can help you bring it to past. Be it staff, clients,  the right  Coach / Mentor and the proper relationships that need to be formed to support them.

Boy, does VISION bring organization!  There is nothing like trying to lead or support a  group of people who are scattered and uncertain about where they fit, or how to get the job done. Without organization, a team may have a tendency to do their own thing, which may not always benefit the business.

When there is no vision, connecting with people not in alignment is almost inevitable.

When the leader has a clear vision it leads to organization!


VIsion sparks Growth

Growth- the process of increasing in  size, be it emotionally, spiritually, or tangible

One thing most women in business know when they open is that they want to grow. The big question is

  • HOW will you do that?
  • Have you thought of the specific steps you will do to support, assure and measure the steps of growth you want for your company and your life?
  • Not every opportunity or move will bring harmony to both areas of your life and business? This is why it’s so important to get clear on what you truly desire. Don’t make your goals based on what others are doing. So many end up trying to attain goals that are not their own and regret it.
  •  Give yourself permission to rock out in your unique vision for your life and business.

Nothing like working hard, exerting all your time and energy then later finding out that you are nowhere near where you want to be and it doesn’t align with what you truly desire and your unique purpose or calling.

A clear vision grows in a way that’s measurable, offering the opportunity to tweak, shift, or change when needed to assure it stays in alignment with what you truly desire and need!

  • What is your idea for growth?
  • What are you planning to do in your business next?
  • How will it impact or align with your Vision for your life and business?

Vision offers Fulfillment

Fulfillment-satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

When I say obtaining your vision will build character, I really mean that!

The process of achieving a vision develops character and discipline that blesses your entire life. It will require you to personally develop to reach your vision.  A vision is often a lot further out from where you are now and will often cause you to stretch your potential. The result internally is fulfillment! You feel absolutely great when accomplishing purpose-driven goals.


A Vision gives you Purpose

Purpose- the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

  • Do you know your why?
  • Do you know why you want to be a successful entrepreneur, why your company exists, what you desire for your life?
  • What is the purpose for your business?

When you get clear on the answer to that question everything in your business and life will shift if you align with it.

Finding clarity on your vision will help to answer this question!

Without it, you rarely gain the inspiration you need to make IT happen.

As a matter of fact, you will not know what your IT is that needs to happen!

A clear vision gives your business a Bigger Purpose!

Vision creates Simplicity 

Simplicity- freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts.

Because a vision causes you to know where you are headed there aren’tt as many distractions. ( at least not ones you allow)

You are connected only to those things, places, people and actions that add to achieving your vision and desired results. This simplifies life.

Trying this, and trying that can lead to frustration and sometimes giving up. Simply because the difficulty of choosing from so many options, or flying by the seat of your pants can leave you scratching your head and feeling overwhelmed. A vision simplifies the options and choices and makes taking action much simpler. A vision brings simplicity!

Most of the topics or results of having a vision I’ve shared are really what people are in pursuit of in life.

Vision is the thing that really helped me GET MY LIFE. I was able to overcome during hard situations, make better choices and keep going when most would have quit. Having a vision and strategically walking it out defines life in the most simplifying way.

Do you have a vision? (For your life and business)

If you answered no, or you aren’t clear, feel free to schedule some complimentary time on my calendar to gain clarity 

In the meantime: focus on or find resources that are going to bring you clarity so you can simplify your processes and increase your profits and fulfillment!

From My Experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Growth Strategist, Business Coach and Mentor


Paying others. Is it investing or spending?

Paying others for services.

I recently saw a business owner say they wish they knew how to do graphic designs so they wouldn’t have to pay anyone to do them. Now as entrepreneurs, the goal is to keep expenses as low as possible without losing quality.  At the end of the day, it takes a lot of moving parts to make it happen in business that can be quite a bit of money! I get exactly where they were going. It is an added expense!

But, of course, my mind went somewhere completely different. The entrepreneurs I work with want to grow and have grown to the point where they can’t wait to pay a graphic design artist, or other professional to get some things off their plate for a few reasons.

One, let’s think about the role of the graphic designer in your business

( unless you are a graphic designer)  Nine times out of 10  graphic design is not your area of gifting and the time that it takes to create a graphic design at growth stages of your business you could be spending on getting better at what it is that you do. This is how my clients think. This allows them to create more value in the marketplace, be of more value, and then also receive on a different level according to their specific area of genius( not graphic design artist 🙂 )

2- When you pay others to do the things that are not necessarily your highest income producing task in your business you now make more room to grow. Even my clients who don’t originally think this way end up seeing the need to release some smaller task and delegate in order to develop mastery and GROW.

And thirdly it is also an opportunity to connect with another business, sow into another business( reaping and sowing principle) build great relationships and likely attract ideal customers for what it is that they do as well.

It is definitely a mindset shift that has to be made in the mind of an entrepreneur who wants to grow. So many times, we as business owners with a specific Niche, skillset, or ability attempt to do everything and be everything for everybody, This prohibits the potential to grow. In the seed stage of our business( the very beginning) it is likely that we do it ALLL.  But in a growth stage, having hands in so many different pots can lead to burn out, mediocre delivery of services, and untapped growth possibility.

Today, I want you to think about some of the things that you have to do in order to run your business successfully. Which of those things are task you can set a goal to no longer be the person who’s doing them?

You will find that clearing up your plate so that you can operate in your area of Genius will actually bring more Revenue into your business.  This is a mindset shift many entrepreneurs struggle to make. When our mindset is not in that state, the state of prosperity and growth, paying someone is often looked at as spending money.  So it’s always viewed as a problem. But when our mindset is shifted to that of an investor we see the people we bring on our team or the money we spend for people to help us accomplish a bigger goal as an investment. Being able to see things as an investment and not spending at all is one of the quickest ways to get on a growth path for your business.

What are some things you can set a goal to no longer have to do in your business and pass over to someone else?

Success on Purpose,

Your Transformational Growth Strategist


P.S. You can always schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss further growth strategies in your business. Just click here to find convenient time on my calendar 

You are deciding your future… daily!


We make them all the time.

Many without out consciously thinking about it!

Which is probably one of the biggest mistakes we could possibly make.

Not being aware!

Decisions do decide destiny, and as much as we may or may not be aware, our money story affects how we make everyday life decisions and the numerous decisions we make in our business.
Our money story dictates much of what happens as it relates to our destiny. Your money story is deeply aligned with the story we heard or didn’t hear as children. Sometimes our money story is affected by later events we experience in life that cause us to have STANCE  about money!  
 If we always heard lack in our homes as it relates to money, or there was a desperation around money; there is not enough, money is hard to come by, that’s only for rich people, etc. it can greatly affect how we currently view money today and the decision we make as it relates to money!
It could be the reason you do or don’t move forward on opportunities or refuse to go to certain environments or events because your money story says, “That’s not for you, or there will be no money left.”
Most parents or guardians meant absolutely no harm in the fear or money story they were creating around money. They shared what they knew and how they saw life. However, it can and often does create a scarcity mindset around money and opportunities. Even a previous loss of a business or opportunity in your adult life can create a fear around money.
If you are making decisions from a place of lack and desperation then you always yield results that equate to that. 
I remember going through a hard time in my finances.
New business, new marriage, new baby and a few years later, new financial woes I had not anticipated.
When I think back on those times, I made so many decisions from a place of lack, desperation, and frustration.
  • I wasn’t focused ( properly) on my money, only about chasing it.
  • I was grinding hard… at least I thought, and the more I put action into things the worst it seemed to get.
Turns out
  • I was working hard on the wrong things and making very lack minded decisions!
  • There was a fear of investing in things that would actually allow my business to grow.  I had stopped doing the principal things that create momentum in the abundance flow!
  •  I was too focused on my circumstances and not possibility ( seeing beyond what my natural eyes could see!)
Then I made a REAL decision.
I was no longer accepting my situation. I went back to what was transpiring when things were going well, how was I feeling, what was I thinking and doing when things were much better. 
One, I was definitely more focused and measuring my process and progress.
I wasn’t worried about money! I was in a space of belief and creation.

 I realized, during my time of lack I  had not properly taken into account my new life and how that would play into my business. Many things had been added to my life without me adjusting and making room!

I needed new systems!
  • I had gotten stuck in the routine of chasing clients and money.
  • Making scarcity decisions in my life and business, not decisions that would actually bring in more.
  • Only really focusing only how I could hold onto the seemingly dwindling finances coming in!
THAT SPACE, that type of decision making… only recreates the same thing.
I blamed it on the economy, it was around the time of a supposed recession, that was the buzz and the fear being created all around me, on tv, on the news and just about everyone I spoke to.#whoyoulistentomatters
I had a sit down with myself, quickly, not as quick as I should have, but quick enough to turn things around.
I thought to myself. “What’s the real problem here?”
It was my thinking!
I said, “Hey, there are other salons that are still doing well in the same city, in the same area.
I was making decisions from a place of lack and desperation.. not from a space of abundance, where clients are unlimited, resources are unlimited and everything I need is available to me.
I re-checked my salon vision and wrote it down.
That led to another HUGE opportunity, (I’ll share at another time)
Write your VISION DOWN!
I began opening my mind to the possibility.
This means my mind was open to new strategies, actually investing in my business for the next level( and not sitting in fear) 
I  had to realign with the abundance around me.
Take a moment, think about how you’ve been making decisions lately?
Have they been from a place of lack and desperation( not enough)
or abundance?
If so, you’ve been making decisions from a space of lack and desperation thinking.
This type of thinking always stifles your growth!
 What was the last opportunity you were faced with that you turned down because of the cost?
 Learn to look at opportunities from a space of value, not cost.  Instead, think of how much impact and growth it will allow you.
I remember the early years of my marriage, my husband would spend sometimes two days cutting the grass. We had a huge yard!  It took two days because he would start on it after work then spend almost all day Saturday or Sunday finishing.
He enjoyed working in the yard, but I felt it would be more “valuable” to hire someone so we could spend that time growing our family and doing things we loved.
  •  Maybe for you, it’s not cutting the grass but maybe hiring help cleaning the home!  There are people who love cleaning house and maybe your time would be spent doing something more valuable to you or your business.
  • Maybe you need help in the salon; an assistant or front desk and you see it only as an expense. But those two positions can free up your time and help push your business forward.
  •  Maybe it was a course you knew would send your business SOARING, but you looked at the cost and not the value.

These are the type of decisions business owners are faced with making all the time.

Knowing how much impact and growth the opportunity will allow you is the VALUE of the opportunity!

Don’t think from a space of
“That won’t work for me. I’ll never be able to afford that”
“That type of setting is not for me, it’s for those type of people”…
Whatever that means 🙂
 You were born for the EXCEPTIONAL things in life!
You were created with abundance and possibility in mind!
 Begin thinking from a space of expecting things to work out as you stretch and move to new levels! Change your Money Story!
Your Decisions Decide your Destiny and your Money Story affects it all!
Success on Purpose,
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